It’s Only The Beginning…..

Welcome to the Mohawk Valley Independent!

Media sources in our area are lacking one thing lately, real  local news. Its not always glamorous or sexy, but it is necessary. This is why Mohawk Valley Independent was founded, as a clearinghouse for local information, local events, local businesses and local investigative journalism.

Welcome To The New Age Mohawk Valley Independent


Working with local journalists and local groups, as well as using cutting edge technology, Mohawk Valley Independent is building a network to help the Mohawk Valley leap into the new age of media. We will not use paywalls, or advertise national chain restaurants on our pages. We will not have a slanted view to our reports as parties do not matter as much as real independent truth. What we will have is local reader driven news about our community, our hopes, our struggles and our dreams.


Be Independent

So we hope you will read our little online magazine/newspaper and maybe even consider supporting us in the future if you enjoy our work!

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