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Welcome to the Mohawk Valley Independent, the newest source for local news.

Many of the “local” news sources are anything but local and are more focused on national events than local. Some are owned directly by Wall St., some publish xenophobic or wholly inaccurate news, and others are just advertising wrapped in news.

We think that local news needs to be the lead role, with some regional and state news sprinkled in for a clear picture, not the other way around. Sure you may want or need to track national events, and that is great, but at the same time we need more of a focused in depth look at our own community. How can we fix it and even coming to an agreement on WHAT needs fixed cannot happen without an honest look at.

For many years media choices have shrunk in the Mohawk Valley, leading to a information scarcity. In the 21st century, there is no reason it should be this way.

The Mohawk Valley Independent will be the future we all need. Multimedia news, that is reader/viewer supported. No advertisers or grants to effect how or what we write.

We have a solid plan for growth to begin here on  website, then videos and a call in talk show, and finally a monthly print publication. And all of this will be integrated with the technology we all know and love so  everyone can take part in our news organization, our shared experience and our community.

So help us Keep Journalism Independent.

You can volunteer, donate or just kick back with your drink of choice and check out our work.


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